The Saturn Light

The Saturn Light

The Saturn Light® has a more robust and stylish design, a more powerful light source, more color choices and angles of operation in the lighting, a longer lasting and more adaptable battery/power-source, as well as capable of being plugged into wall outlet and more user-friendly controls through a remote and apps than the competitive products.


  • 82″ Tall
  • Bright 1500 Lumen light
  • White and Color Changing light
  • Rotating LED ring angles to multiple positions
  • Metal reflector creates an 18 to 20 ft. circle of light
  • Multiple mounting heights
  • Can be plugged into wall outlet


  • Powered by up to 3 batteries and/or pluggable
  • Rechargeable, hot swappable batteries
  • Batteries charge inside fixture or with adapter
  • Easy-to-assemble, lightweight


  • Outdoor rated
  • Durable weather-resistant materials
  • Supplied with long-life batteries
  • Designed for use in demanding event rentals
  • Firm mounting options: lawn spikes, ground bolts

Rotate LED ring to shine the light where you want

Rechargeable, removeable battery (up to 3 batteries)

 10 Hour battery

Easy to use remote

Download Magic Home app for unlimited colors

Ships FedEx/UPS